Lone Star

Lone Star

Sam Deeds is a sheriff of a small Texas border town. His father, Buddy Deeds, was a deputy in the late fifties under a corrupt sheriff, Charlie Wade, but Buddy stood up to Charlie’s bullying and Charlie disappeared soon after, never to be heard from again. Buddy then became sheriff, and was loved and respected by the whole town. Sam has to live in the shadow of his father, who is now dead. His teenage love, Pilar, still lives in the town. Sam and Pilar were always kept apart by their parents. They didn’t know that Buddy and Mercedes, Pilar’s mother, were lovers, and that Buddy is Pilar’s father. They are half brother and sister. They have always had a special love and it still lives, but they are tentative around each other. They are both at the unveiling of a special statue of Buddy at the courthouse.

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era: 90sscene_category: Drama - Man Woman Acting Scenessource: Filmethnicity: Other

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