Tom & Viv

Tom & Viv

Based on the life of T.S. Eliot, Tom And Viv is about the tempestuous relationship between him and his first wife, Vivienne. When they meet they are deeply in love, but once they are married, Tom discovered that Vivienne is emotionally unbalanced. She also suffers from severe menstrual disorders and is prone to violent and outrageous behavior, mania, and acute depression. Finally Tom, after accepting a tenure at Harvard that will require him to leave for America, decides to have her committed. He has the doctors and Viv’s family waiting outside in the hall. Viv has locked herself in the drawing room. The scene takes place in London, 1932. Tom is an American, but he has been living as an Englishman and desperately wants to be one.

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era: 30sethnicity: Caucasianscene_category: Drama - Man Woman Acting Scenessource: Film

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