She's the One

Mickey and Francis Fitzpatrick are brothers that couldn’t be more different. Mickey leads an unstable life as a New York cabbie. After he found his fiancée, Heather, cheating on him, he took off and spent three years driving around the country. Then he returned and lived with his father in Brooklyn until he met a waitress, fell in love, and impulsively married her. They live in a small apartment in the Village. Mickey’s brother Francis works on Wall Street, has a beautiful wife, a nice apartment, and is jeopardizing everything by having a secret affair with Heather, who also works on Wall Street. What Francis doesn’t know (and Mickey does) is that Heather put herself through school by working as a call girl. One day, Mickey picks up Heather in his cab and asks for his TV back, the one he bought shortly before they broke up. They end up at her apartment.

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